Are you planning a roof replacement in Oregon soon? If so, now is the ideal time to evaluate enhancements that can elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your home.

In this blog, we’ll discuss some roof essentials worth considering. From improving ventilation to installing required metal flashings, we’ve got you covered. So, whether you want to increase your home’s value or improve its curb appeal, keep reading to learn more.

1. Install Metal Flashing

When it comes to roof replacement, one essential component to consider is installing the required metal flashing. It is typically 26 – 29 gauge metal and shaped at various angles then placed at the roof’s edge, where the roof deck meets the walls of your home, or at the base of your chimney for example.

Its primary purpose is to prevent water from seeping into the roof’s decking at critical transitions, which can cause rot and other water damage.

2. Improve Roof Ventilation

Another crucial component to consider when replacing your roof is improving its ventilation system. During the summer, a poorly ventilated roof can trap hot air in the attic, causing your air conditioning system to work harder and resulting in energy bills. Proper roof ventilation can improve your home’s energy efficiency, allow your home to breathe, reduce moisture buildup, and extend the life of your roofing materials.

Several options for improving your roof ventilation include installing ridge vents or soffit vents. Ridge vents are installed at the roof’s peak; they allow hot air to escape. On the other hand, soffit vents are installed under the roof’s eaves or at the roof eaves and they allow cool air to enter.

3. Install Appropriate Roofing Underlayment

As homeowners and contractors fight against the elements daily, your shingles are certainly your first line of defense. In addition to reflecting the sun’s rays and blocking precipitation, shingles are also able to withstand high wind conditions.

Underlayment, however, adds a second layer of protection that:

  • In the event of high winds tearing away your shingles, this protects your roof
  • During cold weather snaps, helps protect your roof deck from damage caused by ice dams
  • Protects your roof from bad weather during installation, before you attach the shingles

Your home’s roof system must include a roofing underlayment product as well as a roofing covering to comply with local building codes. In addition, shingle manufacturers require underlays as part of their warranties.

Do You Need a New Roof?

If you’re now ready to embark on your roofing project, consider reaching out to a reputable roofing company like BEST Roofing & Waterproofing. Our team of experts in Eugene, Oregon can help you select the finest materials and improvements for your home, ensuring your new roof is functional and visually appealing. Schedule an appointment with us today!