As winter approaches, it’s crucial to take the necessary steps to keep your roof safe and secure throughout the cold season. Your roof protects your home and family, and it is paramount to ensure its stability and durability during winter. In this blog post, we will provide you with essential tips on how to prepare a roof for winter.

Check Chimney Flashing for Leaks:

Inspecting your chimney flashing is crucial in ensuring a leak-free roof. Chimney flashing is the metal strip that seals the intersection between the chimney and the roof, and it is prone to developing leaks over time.

Examine the flashing for any signs of looseness or damage and check that the caulk holding it in place hasn’t deteriorated. It’s also essential to look for potential water intrusion near the chimney, which can cause significant damage if left unaddressed.

Look for Indications of Water Damage in the Attic:

Many roof leaks manifest in the attic before becoming apparent inside your home. Head up to your attic and look for water spots on the walls, soaked roof decking, or puddles of water on the floor. If you notice any signs of water damage, it’s crucial to schedule a professional roof inspection to address the source of the leak. Prompt action will help ensure your roof is in top condition before winter storms.

Remove Debris:

Cleaning your roof is a crucial step in winterizing it. Leaves and twigs accumulate on it during the fall season. If left unattended, this debris can become waterlogged and damage roofing.

Safely remove the debris using a leaf blower or your hands. Pay special attention to areas behind the chimney, as debris accumulation can cause hindrances and potential damage.

Cut Low-Hanging Branches:

Trees with low-hanging branches near your roof pose a significant risk during winter. Snow can accumulate on these branches, adding extra weight that can cause them to snap and damage your roof. Trim or remove these branches to eliminate the risk of branch-related damage throughout the winter. If the branches extend over your roof, hiring a professional arborist is best to ensure the job is done safely.

Get Your Roof Professionally Inspected!

If you need a professional roof inspection, reach out to BEST Roofing & Waterproofing. We can check your roof’s underlying issues before they worsen, potentially saving you from more extensive repairs. Addressing any identified problems before winter storms hit will provide peace of mind, knowing your roof is prepared to withstand the rain, snow, ice, and wind. Call our roofing company today!